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Optimisation starts at the creation of your website, we help you rank higher in google and other search engines. Or call us today to see what we can do for your current site.


  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Banner Adverts
  • Email Marketing
  • Stats Reports


Social Media

Consider these statistics:

•    One billion people actively use Facebook every month

•    500,000 people use Twitter every month

•    Google’s +1 button is used 2+ billion times each day

•    5 million photos are uploaded to Instagram every hour

•    3,600 hours of video are uploaded to YouTube every hour

If your company does not have a social media strategy, you are missing out on a huge proportion of your customers. Let us guide you through the process, set up facebook, twitter, google and more, then integrate them with your website to make it a more powerful tool in getting you noticed.

Search Engine Submission and Optimization SES + SEO

You have the website but is it being marketed correctly?

With organic search optimisation we take out the cost until you know your demographic.

Many companies will sell their search engine submissions and optimisation by claiming that your website will definitely be feature in the top ten listings on each search engine. It’s an optimistic claim and the truth is that not every website can be listed in the top ten. However, we promise to provide a regular service and you can have the confidence in us to know the tricks that will get your site exactly where you want it - to be seen by your customers.

Email Broadcasts

Email broadcasts are frequently used to market websites or events. We have the ability to create a mixture of graphics and text to convey a message quickly and productively using your supplied database. With these broadcasts can go mini websites for your event with contact forms for colloation of your delegates information.


Got a brochure that’s a bit flat and boring?

Well, we can simplify it to create an animated brochure that can be sent to your clients, whether as a downloadable from your website or via email.

Animation/Banner Ads 

We are skilled at producing animated adverts using Flash or gif. This is a cross between conventional video/TV and a PowerPoint presentation that uses graphics, words and music to convey your message. This sort of advert can be sent via email or on a CD to prospective customers and clients. It can also double up as banner ads regularly used on websites. 

Stats Reports

Need to know how your site is doing against the competition or want a run down of its present performance?

When hosting with us we can do monthly reports showing you who has visited your site, where they have come from and where on the site they have been, without the need of horrible hit counters. Or go one better and have Google Analytics added to your website.